I am 1 in 8.


This week begins National Infertility Awareness Week. My husband and I are currently a part of the lovely statistic known as 1 in 8. And it sucks. It sucks a lot.

My annoyance today? My mother. Now I won’t sugarcoat it. My relationship with my mother has always been strained at best. I love her. She is my mother. But I don’t like her. And I know somewhere in her mind, she loves me because I am her daughter. But she doesn’t like me too much as a person either. The best we’ve been able to figure is that she has a bit of narcissistic personality disorder going on.

A few weeks ago, Mr. Oh Just Relax and I sat down with my parents and broke the news that there was no way we would ever be able to have a child without serious medical intervention and that we would be starting the IVF process. Without even blinking, with zero hesitation, do you know what my mother’s response was?

“Bullshit.” Continue reading