Happy You’re Worthless If You Aren’t A Mother Day!

Not really. But that’s what it feels like while going through this mess. I’ve also dubbed it “Stay the fuck off Facebook day.”

My personal favorite image that I saw before closing it down for the day:

Lovely photo of a meadow and silhouettes of a woman and a baby with swirly text on it that says “You don’t understand life until you’ve grown it within you.”

Well dang. Guess all of us silly infertile people should just go off ourselves now? And what about men?

My own relationship with my mother has been so strained for the last 15 years, I can’t even turn this day into “Celebrate your mother” day without rolling my eyes. However, I can and do choose to use this day to celebrate my friends that are mothers. They’ve all grown into such wonderful women and mothers, and I hope they know what inspirations they are.

My sweet husband gave me a big hug and kiss this morning and said that next year would be different. I love him and his (annoyingly) relentless optimism. And I hope so.

I’m not worthless. I’m not less of a woman because I haven’t had a child. I’m pretty awesome. I have a great career that I worked my butt off to achieve. My husband is my other half and partner in crime. We have a great house, two hilarious dogs, and a great life together. So this one day shouldn’t tear me up and make me feel like crap. I know this.

Doesn’t change the fact that it does.