So like, Pulp Fiction style?

That, my friends, is how my husband described the technique the nurse was showing me for holding the Follistim injector pen.

Yup. She told me to wrap my hand around it with my thumb on the trigger and then just jab it in at a 90 degree angle. He blurts out “So like, Pulp Fiction style?”

We are clearly responsible adults ready for a baby.

Friday was my final blood test pre-stims and injection training. And boy was THAT a fun afternoon. At that point, my head had still not cleared the mental hurdle that I was indeed going to be willingly stabbing myself on a daily basis. They had a little test block of fake skin for me to practice on. You know what I did for the first one? I stabbed it in so hard that I BENT THE NEEDLE. The nurse said she had never seen anyone do that.

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