Go Team Mutants!

So for IVF #1, my husband lovingly referred to our potential embryos as X-men. This time around he’s taken to calling them Mutants and says they might have superpowers since they’re growing in a lab. Yeah. We’re adults.

Egg retrieval went down at SIX AM yesterday morning. I will say again, this being the second time around was so much better than the first time around. I knew what to expect, even had a pleasant conversation with the anesthesiologist as I slowly passed out.

I had the same nurse as I did back in May. A perfectly lovely older lady whose hands shook as she jabbed the IV into my hand. My husband had to fake a coughing fit to cover his laughter. On the drive to the clinic, I had said “Man I hope I don’t have the nurse with the shaky hands again.” As soon as she walked in the room, he started laughing.

I remember nothing of the procedure thank god. I just remember coming to in the operating room as the RE was pulling the speculum out of me. She said I did great and they were counting the eggs. My husband had his date with the cup and after I successfully peed, we were released and home by 8AM. I got a call later than 13 eggs were retrieved, with 12 mature enough to be ICSI’d.

I just got the call a few minutes ago from the embryologist with an update. 9 fertilized normally overnight, and 1 abnormally (discarded). The other 2 are in an unknown status at the moment. They will look at the embryoscope again on day 3 to see if those ended up fertilizing. So at the moment we have between 9-11 embryos. During the first round, only 7 fertilized normally, so Team Mutants already have a leg up on Team X-men.


Let the embryo hunger games begin.

Had my egg retrieval yesterday morning. 12 eggs retrieved and ICSI’d and just got the call this morning that 7 fertilized overnight. Not as good as we hoped, but I’ll take it. Now the hunger games begins. I figure statistically we could end up with 2-3 embryos at the end of the next 4 days. Hardly seems worth the money and effort and pain…but I know I’ll feel differently if it works.

I’m currently sitting here with a heating pad shoved against my stomach, a position I assumed around 9AM yesterday morning and pretty much haven’t left in the last 24 hours. I thankfully asked for the day AFTER the retrieval off as well as yesterday and it’s a good thing because I guaran-damn-tee you I would not have been able to concentrate today.

The retrieval was…stressful. Also very fast. We arrived at 6:30 yesterday morning and were on our way home by 8:30. The actual retrieval happened at 7:15. The 45 minutes beforehand were all prep work. The nurse that was assigned to me was a very very sweet older lady, I’d guess in her 60’s. She was wonderful….but holy crap her hands were SHAKING. She had me sign all kinds of consent forms and paperwork and took my history. Then…she had to place the IV. She left the room for a second and I turned to my husband in a panic. “The woman with the SHAKING HANDS has to place my IV?!” He just laughed. Bastard.

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We are go for launch.

I get to trigger tonight at 7:15 for an egg retrieval Wednesday morning.Yay? I don’t know. I have mixed emotions (SHOCKER, RIGHT?!).

Miss Dominant Follicle on the right finally calmed her sassy pants down and let the others grow. 12 total follicles at the moment between both ovaries that the doctor¬†measured between 16-20mm. Not too shabby. Endo lining is at 11.5, which is apparently good (I should really learn more about this stuff). My final E2 and progesterone levels were taken this morning and I’ve been officially approved for a fresh transfer instead of a freeze all.

God I hope we get some decent embryos out of this. I’m so scared that they’ll do the TESE and will find no sperm and that I’ve gone through all of this for nothing. Think some happy, positive thoughts for me. Holy crap do I need them.

Also, even though no one I know in real life reads this, I feel like I need to preemptively apologize to everyone I encounter through tomorrow. The sheer amount of estrogen and various hormones swirling through my bloodstream is terrifying. I don’t mean to be a psychopath to you and I sincerely love you.¬†Except for Patrick the Intern. Him? I still want to stab him with a PIO needle even without the hormones.


Number of vials of blood drawn: 17

Number of Twat Wand Sessions: 8

Number of self injections: 22