Long time no see.

It’s been quite a month. Husband and I spent 2 weeks traveling around Europe and I’m just now getting back into the swing of things.

Still here. Still miraculously pregnant. I had my mid-pregnancy anatomy sonogram yesterday at 19 weeks, 3 days. Little man is still in there and everything looks great. All of his organs look like they should, everything is developing how they expect it should. I’m still always so surprised when things are going as they should. I still feel like we haven’t earned this pregnancy and it’s a hard feeling to conquer.

Only minor hiccup is that I found out that I have minor placenta previa. Basically the placenta is infringing on my cervix. Good news is that in 90% of cases, the placenta will move as the uterus expands more and I will be normal by 28 weeks. If not, we’re looking at a mandatory C section. Boo. I’m trying to be optimistic. This means I get an extra sonogram at 28 weeks instead of waiting until 36. So yay!

I felt movement for the first time on a flight from Italy to Ireland. It was so surreal and of course I started crying. Nothing like looking like a crying weirdo on a plane, huh?