14 weeks.

We went to my first appointment since I was 10 weeks today to check in on Peanut (still no name). I’m officially into the second trimester and I’ve actually managed to keep my shit together for the most part. I’ve stopped obsessively googling miscarriage statistics. I don’t automatically brace myself to see¬†blood every time I sit down to pee. We’ve announced our news to the world.

And about that. We were fairly open about having to do a few rounds of IVF with our close friends and family. Not so much other people though. So when I started getting little comments (“Oh it’s about time!” “We were wondering when y’all would finally settle down!” “What took so long?!”) I decided fuck it, we’re being open. So I’ve starting telling people yeah, we had to do multiple rounds of IVF and had two failed transfers before this worked. So…that’s what took so long. Tends to shut them up. So hopefully they think before they open their mouths at someone else!

Back to the appointment. You might laugh, but this is the first time I was actually like holy crap, I am pregnant with a little human. He was wiggling around, rolling, waving, stretching, basically showing off. Or he was annoyed that his home kept getting poked and prodded…who knows. Also, there were a few times where he posed and there was zero question that he is, in fact, a boy. Yeah. There’s a teeny tiny little penis growing inside of me. Weird.

Side note: I have officially graduated to ABDOMINAL ULTRASOUNDS!!!! I went to a doctor and KEPT MY DAMN PANTS ON. This is milestone. It’s huge. IVF forced me to become comfortable with random strangers all up in my business. I mean, at this point I’m comfortable chatting about dinner plans as someone moves a twat wand around in me. So yeah…I was so excited when she gooped up my belly.

Everything is going as it should. I’m having the world’s most boring, uneventful pregnancy. And I’m thrilled about it and hope that trend continues for the next 25ish weeks.

Bonus: we actually managed a picture while he decided to chill for a bit! What up, Peanut?