Well then.

So…this happened.


7 days post transfer and this popped up within like 30 seconds of peeing on the stick this morning. I was getting ready to jump in the shower when I looked and saw the line and promptly freaked the fuck out.

Blood test is Monday and I know a zillion and one things could go wrong. But for at least today…I am pregnant.


24 thoughts on “Well then.

  1. Omg omg omg I’m seriously tearing up!!!! Congratulations!!!! So ridiculously happy for you! When we finally got our BFP our acupuncturist said – don’t put your feet in cold water, no shoulder rubs, light walk every day, don’t eat any frozen food (eg icecream) .. all about circulation and body temp to help it stick (and it did). Fingers crossed this is it 🙂 xx

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