Let the waiting begin.

So there’s an embryo somewhere in me. A little 90% hatched nugget. I can’t believe this is our 3rd transfer. 2 years, 2 retrievals, 3 transfers and nearly $40,000 later….

I’m in the zen phase. It’s either going to work or it won’t (Schrödinger’s fetus much?) . I’ve already assumed it will not, but of course I still hope. I’m not sure where we go if this fails – the options are IUI with donor sperm or another IVF with half my husband and half donor to confirm our suspicions on why we have so few make it from day 3 to 5.

But for now? For now I wait. And who am I kidding? I fucking HOPE this is it.


5 thoughts on “Let the waiting begin.

  1. I hope this is your miracle embryo, but I know what you mean about Schrödinger! I hope you are taking it easy for the next few days even if your little negative voice is doing its thing. Keeping my fingers crossed. xx


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