Adventures in PIO.

So at my lining check on Friday, I asked the nurse to draw circles on me for my husband to aim at with the needle. He’s always a little nervous the first few times and needs a target to hit. She only drew it on one side, so last night we did that side and I told him he’d have to use his best guess for tonight’s shot. His response?

“Meh, I’ll just throw it like a dart at that side and see where it sticks. Should be fine.”

I married this man. On purpose.


8 thoughts on “Adventures in PIO.

  1. Haha that’s awesome. My husband was very chill with it all, instead it was me asking “so does he just stab me with it like they did to Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction?”. Thankfully they didn’t say yes 🙂 Now that I’m doing the daily PIO + twice weekly Delestrogen, I have him circling the spot on my bum where he did the shot so he can remember not to hit it on the next day. Yay PIO!

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    • Mine made a Pulp Fiction joke when we first learned how to do the injections! Love how so many people seem to relate to that. Yikes, I’m glad I’ve just got the one nightly shot these days, I already feel enough like a human pin cushion.

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      • Yes absolutely! My doctor – who doesn’t believe in a lot of stuff but does it anyway to please patients – says there’s not even any evidence that progesterone supplements do much. But he pointed out no one wants to be the test case! So true!


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