FET is a go.

Had my lining check and blood work done today and all went fine. Lining was at 9.2 and trilaminar and my progesterone showed I have not yet ovulated. I get to start PIO again tomorrow (YAAAAY…said no one ever) Transfer is scheduled for next Friday the 10th. Sigh.

I am so over this cycle. I think both my husband and I know this is going to fail. We were optimistic during the first IVF. It just something we had to do to have a baby. When both of those transfers failed, we were gutted, but didn’t think twice about another round. When the 2nd round became its own clusterfuck, I think both of us kind of realized that we were never going to have biological children together. I am so mentally checked out on this cycle. It’s going to fail…because why would it not? That is just our luck.

Man, I am negative as hell lately aren’t I? Sorry. My husband gets really annoyed with me if I show negativity out loud, so I’ve gotta get it out somewhere!


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