I’m angry.

That is how I feel right now. We have one frozen embryo to show for this cycle. I need to start preparing myself for a childfree life and I’m not ready for that.

I’m angry that my husband’s lack of sperm has put us in this position.

I’m angry at the RE for giving me hope with the new protocol.

I’m angry at the lab for waiting until FIVE FUCKING O’CLOCK to call me with the news that they all arrested but 1.

I’m angry at myself for being unable to produce more eggs and more chances.

I’m just really fucking angry.

And…if you’re going to tell me that “It only takes one” – please don’t. I am 100% aware that yes, it only takes one. I want to wallow right now.


13 thoughts on “I’m angry.

  1. That sucks ass. Yeah I fucking hate the “it only takes one”. I’ve used 7 embryos up and I’ve heard the “you’re lucky you have more” – yeah, because while most using donor eggs find success within 2 tries and the success rates are supposed to be 60-80% obviously after this many that’s not the real truth.

    What’s next?

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