Go Team Mutants!

So for IVF #1, my husband lovingly referred to our potential embryos as X-men. This time around he’s taken to calling them Mutants and says they might have superpowers since they’re growing in a lab. Yeah. We’re adults.

Egg retrieval went down at SIX AM yesterday morning. I will say again, this being the second time around was so much better than the first time around. I knew what to expect, even had a pleasant conversation with the anesthesiologist as I slowly passed out.

I had the same nurse as I did back in May. A perfectly lovely older lady whose hands shook as she jabbed the IV into my hand. My husband had to fake a coughing fit to cover his laughter. On the drive to the clinic, I had said “Man I hope I don’t have the nurse with the shaky hands again.” As soon as she walked in the room, he started laughing.

I remember nothing of the procedure thank god. I just remember coming to in the operating room as the RE was pulling the speculum out of me. She said I did great and they were counting the eggs. My husband had his date with the cup and after I successfully peed, we were released and home by 8AM. I got a call later than 13 eggs were retrieved, with 12 mature enough to be ICSI’d.

I just got the call a few minutes ago from the embryologist with an update. 9 fertilized normally overnight, and 1 abnormally (discarded). The other 2 are in an unknown status at the moment. They will look at the embryoscope again on day 3 to see if those ended up fertilizing. So at the moment we have between 9-11 embryos. During the first round, only 7 fertilized normally, so Team Mutants already have a leg up on Team X-men.


3 thoughts on “Go Team Mutants!

      • You never know though. I didn’t lose so many in my second round and I put that down to the fact that we were overall better prepared (diet, psychology etc). Don’t get too caught up in the big numbers though because it really does only take one awesome one to make a baby.


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