Pipe down, ovaries.

Seriously. The little shits decided to suddenly shift into overdrive last night.

Yesterday morning I had 8 measurable follicles on the right, 7 on the left. This morning? Freaking 12 on the right and 8 on the left. My E2 levels went from 1616 yesterday to 2105 today. Settle down overachievers (I really really REALLY wanted to use the stupid pun ovary-chievers there, but I’ll settle for a parenthetical note).

I just gave myself my last dose of Follistim and the trigger shot of 5,000 units of HCG and the retrieval is scheduled for SIX FUCKING AM on Thursday morning. Nothing like getting a little light egg harvesting out of the way before you start your day huh?

Still zen-ish. I really really really hope that this cycle goes better for us. I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll have more eggs to play with this time. Fingers crossed that husband’s sperm gets along with them this time.

Also, I’ve been google stalking infertility boards (as one does). And if I ever use any of the following terms unironically, please just slap me: embies, follies, frosties, baby dance, and baby dust. That is all.


16 thoughts on “Pipe down, ovaries.

  1. I don’t remember if that was you or another blogger who said that she prefers to call it stripper dust rather than baby dust, heh. I will also throw in the term “PUPO” which to me just sounds like poop-oh!


    • Stripper dust!! I love it! 🙂 I cannot come at baby dust at all and have never heard of baby dance?!! WTF! I kind of like the term frosties, though I have a massive problem with BFP because my experience has shown that a BFP can end in BFD (big fucking depression) when it all goes wrong. 😉 But this whole trail has been very funny!

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      • Exactly…because I can’t give them an emotional connection since they’re not anything more than that…it’s why the term “pupo” bothers me so much, because an embryo transfer is not impregnating a woman, implantation is when a woman is officially pregnant. This is me after 2 failed IUIs and 5 failed DEIVFs and miscarriage, gotta protect the self…especially if we let the remaining embryos go if #6 doesn’t work.


      • I struggle to have an emotional connection too but perhaps that’s a bit further than I might go. But all the power to you as we all have to do things our own way.


      • Yeah my miscarriage at round 4 was what made me keep trying along with finding out my thyroid was so messed up. If my thyroid hadn’t been messed up I would have never done this many rounds… and because we’re doing donor egg the total cost has been around $30,000 (since we had 13 decent embryos at the start, it was $17,000 for the first round and $2,000 per round after that plus medication costs) which, compared to 5 rounds of regular separate IVFs, would be astronomical-er. Never ever thought I would be where I am today. What’s hard is thinking if we had gone through domestic adoption at the very beginning we already have a baby at home with us. But we only can look forward.


      • Yes never look back as that will only make it all feel worse! Did you know it’s the 100 year anniversary of the Gumnut Babies? I saw that the other day and thought of you.

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