Get these things out of me.

Ugh. This sums up every thought in my brain in a nutshell.

This morning was another blood draw and twat wanding after 8 days of stims. 8 follicles on the right, 7 on the left, ranging from 14-20mm, most averaging about 16-18. Left ovary is showing a trend of always having slightly smaller follicles, so we’re going to do 1 more night of stims tonight and trigger tomorrow night for a Thursday retrieval. My E2 levels were at 1616 this morning, higher than they got during IVF #1. Maybe we’ll get an extra egg out of this. I’m definitely feeling all those dang follicles. I don’t know how the PCOS ladies do this. I have 15 follicles and I feel like shit, yet I read about woman retrieving like 30 eggs…ugh. I’m bloated and uncomfortable. I’m walking really slowly because I swear I feel like my ovaries are porcupines.

Accurate portrayal of my ovaries right now:


Saturday night was my husband’s company’s Christmas party. It wasn’t actually as bad as I thought. I nursed a single glass of wine all night so no one mentioned the decrease in drinking. I checked with the nurse beforehand and she said it was fine to do most of the injections before we went, as there was some wiggle room with timing on those. The Ganirelix (which keeps me from ovulating) needed to be on a more consistent time from night to night, however. So I brought that one to the restaurant and shot up in the bathroom. IVF Achievement Unlocked!

In optimism news, I’m handling this round MUCH MUCH better than the first. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. Even my husband has noticed. Three days from the egg retrieval and I’ve only cried once (OKAY…in my defense I’m very hormonal and I had ornaments printed with pictures of each of our dogs and they came in and were PERFECT). Keep your fingers cross that this oddly zen thing continues.


IVF #2 Stats:

Injections: 27

Blood Draws: 4

Twat Wand Dates: 3


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