I am very aware of my ovaries right now.

Yup. Exactly what the title says. I had my initial blood draw to check E2 levels on Wednesday, and it was 189. Same time last cycle was 191, so we seemed to be on the same track. She increased my Follistim dosage this time around, but I was also on birth control for an extra week leaving me slightly more suppressed, so I feel like those cancelled each other out.

Starting yesterday, I’ve been incredibly aware of my ovaries. I feel twinges and stretching. And the bloating has begun (hey remember when I was googling IVF sex like 4 days ago? HA!).

I went in for my first ultrasound since starting stims on Sunday and another blood draw. My RE is known for her weird comments while I’m in the stirrups and dammit, she did not let me down today. She had the wand inside me and as soon as the right ovary came into view, she said “Oh my! Things are happening in there aren’t they?!”


Of course I just chuckled politely and said Yup, and I can feel it.

I’ve got 7 follicles on the right and 6 on the left, all measuring between 12.5 and 14. I get to add Ganirelix to the party tonight to keep me from ovulating all these things. My E2 level came back at 543. Same day the last cycle was 449 so still on target to be about equal to IVF #1. If we get 12 eggs again I would be happy. And HOPEFULLY all these vitamins and supplements plus the Omnitrope will mean they are all fantastic quality.

Meanwhile, my husband’s company Christmas party is tomorrow night. I’m sure I will be a super pleasant person while feeling bloated and being cranky from not drinking. I can’t guarantee I won’t punch someone who asks me if I’m pregnant since I’m not drinking.

Here’s to hoping my next post doesn’t start out with “So I got arrested…”


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