Thundercats, hooo!

IVF #2 has kicked off with a bang. Or a jab maybe? I dunno. Whatever. It’s started. Baseline blood and sono was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and all looked fine and dandy. Mr. Oh Just Relax had to tag along to sign all the consent paperwork and also give an updated semen analysis. Numbers are holding steady in the 300-400K range. So YAY that the number has remained constant since his first SA back in January. Hopefully the vitamins and supplements he’s been taking the last few months mean the few little bastards swimming around in there (HIS WORDS by the way) are better quality. OPTIMISM!!!

I’ve been reading back on my old entries from the first cycle and it’s oddly comforting. I was SO out of my element then and it’s nice to have some kind of clue of what to expect over the next 12 days. Last night’s injections went off without a hitch. The addition of Omnitrope was new, plus an increased dosage of Follistim. But other than that…meh. I feel ok, mentally and physically. I’m mentally preparing for the bloating and crankiness that I know is to come, but for now I’m just chilling. Hell, I’m so detached about the whole process right now, I’m doing things like googling “sex during IVF stims” (WHAT?! My doctor doesn’t talk about these things).

Estimated retrieval date is next Thursday, 12/8. Someone remind me to go read this entry again when I’m freaking the fuck about about god knows what that day. I’d like to remember the day I was googling about IVF sex.


IVF #2 Stats:

Injections: 3

Blood Draws: 1

Twat Wand Dates: 1


One thought on “Thundercats, hooo!

  1. I can relate to that. All the things I stressed over in cycle 1 were really no big deal. In a way it’s good as you can focus on stressing about the bigger things 😜 Good luck lady!! xx


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