T minus 6 days.

My baseline blood and twat wanding is Wednesday, and then I start stims on Sunday. I’m apprehensive about IVF #2 of course. I feel like I know what to expect this time around, but there’s still just that general air of anxiety hanging around.

$4,800 of medication was delivered last week and it is all sorted and safely stored. We’ve finalized the payment amount for the actual cycle itself and I get to pay that bad boy on Wednesday. How does cycle #2 compare? LET’S SEE SHALL WE?

IVF #1, May 2016. $3,919 of meds as previously discussed. The cycle itself was a fresh transfer. The lump sum payment included all monitoring appointments (blood draw and ultrasounds), the retrieval plus ICSI, and the initial fresh transfer of 1 embryo (the FET we did later in August would be an additional cost at that time). This payment was $12,490. Plus an additional separate fee of $500 paid to the anesthesiologist, who is not employed by my clinic. That brings the total cost to $16,909. Remind me to bitchslap any fertile friend of mine that complains about money.

That brings us to IVF #2. Medication cost is $4,842. Since the first cycle was a miserable failure, we get a 25% of multiple portions of the flat cycle fee. Yay? Blech. The reduced fee for all monitoring appointments, retrieval plus ICSI, freezing of any embryos, plus 1 FET and all the costs associated with the FET (thawing, prepping embryo, etc) comes to $8,468.

Still with me? Now we’ve also decided to go ahead and bite the bullet to possibly opt into PGS diagnostic testing. The clinic charges a flat $2,500 for this, plus $150 per embryo sent to be tested plus $100 shipping. We were extremely hesitant to proceed with this until we confirmed with the financial coordinator that should we only end up with 1 or 2 embryos again, we can opt out of doing the testing. Since the testing itself is basically the price of a FET, it makes zero financial sense to bother shelling out the cash. I’d rather just take my chances and put back 2 embryos. But what if this cycle is more successful and we get, say, 4 embryos? At that point, since my doctor is adamant that she only recommends a single embryo transfer due to my age, it’s cheaper to KNOW if the embryos we’re transferring have a fighting chance. The only catch to this plan, is that should we decide to back out after paying, they will keep $300 as a nonrefundable portion for scheduling and prepping for the procedure and coordinating with the outside lab. We’re ok with this.

So, with the upped medication dosages plus the addition of PGS with required embryscope monitoring, and anesthesia we’re now looking at a grand total for IVF #2 of: $16,779 (plus an unknown number for PGS since we don’t know how many embryos we’ll test, if any). So basically, the discount we get for being failures enabled us to add PGS testing to the party. And if this is our last round with our eggs and sperm, then fuck it. Might as well throw every possibly crutch we’ve got at the problem.

See? I’m counting this a good. I’ve officially reached the fuck it stage of IVF!


3 thoughts on “T minus 6 days.

    • Haven’t asked about that one yet. I think it will also depend on how this cycle goes. Last I checked it was something like $1,200 and given everything we’ve spent so far it may not be in the cards for 1 or 2 embryos.


      • I would definitely ask about it – I know it seems like a lot but I just learned that the timing of the transfer is off for 25% of IVF patients which is why the ERA is so valuable because it will tell you when you should be transferring the embryo(s), and having been through 5 fails I can say I wish I’d have done it early on to save the heartache of wondering if that would have made the difference. No pressure, just food for thought.


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