Money sucks.

IVF #2 is feeling much more real. Medications have officially been ordered and scheduled for delivery and injections begin on the 27th.

For IVF #1, I stimmed for 9 days before triggering. I did 150iu of Follistim and 150iu of Menopur, then the last 5 days I added Ganirelix, and triggered with 10,000 units of HCG. Total cost of those meds came to $3,919 (yay no infertility insurance coverage!). I had 12 eggs retrieved, all mature, 7 fertilized normally after ICSI (though 4 would later join the party), 2 made it to blast.

This time around, we’re sticking with an antagonist protocol, but she’s upping my daily Follistim dose to 225iu. Same Menopur dosage and still adding in Ganirelix with an HCG trigger. We’re also adding Omnitrope to this cocktail of drugs – otherwise known as HGH, or human growth hormone. She said that this is usually used with *ahem* women of advanced maternal age, OR women considered poor responders to stims…of which I fall into neither category at this point. But she pointed to some studies that suggest the HGH helps more embryos make it through to the blast stage, so sure…what’s another shot to bring to the party?

Total cost with the upped Follistim dosage and plus the new drug? $5,242. Fuuuuuuck IVF is expensive.

We make too much money to qualify for any discount programs (don’t get me started). However, we did qualify for a “member discount” with Walgreens specialty pharmacy where I get all but the Omnitrope. I registered and paid $25 – and in return I got a flat $100 discount per $1,000 spent with that pharmacy – which totaled $400. Not too shabby.

Final meds cost for IVF #2: $4,842. Again: FUUUUUUCK IVF IS EXPENSIVE. Let’s all just hope these extra drugs do some magic voodoo and give us more embryos to work with.

In other news. Today is election day and I just want to drink. As a firmly blue voter in the ocean of red that is Texas…oy. I early voted, so luckily I don’t have to get out today, but I’ll be anxiously watching tonight. A country with a giant angry Cheeto in charge scares me.


3 thoughts on “Money sucks.

  1. Terrified today. We may not fully understand the ramifications of the decision made last night for years to come and that is the scariest part. On a happier note, yay for round 2!! Our insurance covers nothing as well and it sucks! We have a transfer scheduled for the week if Thanksgiving, hopefully we will have the best Christmas present in years, a BFP.


  2. I totally agree, I do not think we will fully understand the ramifications of the decision made last night for years to come. Unfortunately and fortunately depending on how you look at it, I couldn’t drink last night because of transfer meds. Nothing sounds better than a vodka and oj right now, but oh well.
    We also do not have insurance coverage for infertility and we also dont qualify for discount programs so I feel ya on the expense. I think the memes that say, “Sorry honey, we spent your college tuition to have you” are painfully funny.
    On a happier note, yay for starting round 2! It sounds like you have a new plan so thats awesome!


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