The eagle has landed.

Had the transfer of our only frozen embryo today. Woo? Yes. Woo!

We arrived at 11:30 for a noon transfer as requested. My bladder was nearing the uncomfortably full stage by noon when the RE swung in, apologized, and said the lab needed another 15 minutes. I think she saw my distress and let me empty my bladder just a bit to make everything more bearable.

I was WAY more calm for this transfer than I was for the fresh one. I still maintain we never should have done the fresh transfer, but oh well. Live and learn, huh? We got into the little transfer room and I got all prepped on the table. I actually made my husband hold my hand the entire time this time around. If this works, I want to know he was at least touching me in some way when the magic happened.

They showed us the blastocyst on the screen. It had already started to hatch! I hear that’s a good thing, so let’s run with those feelings for the next 9 days, shall we? A few minutes later it was jettisoned into my (fluffy) uterus and all was done. I hopped off the table and went down the hall for the BEST PEE OF MY LIFE. They gave us a picture of the embryo and the little petri dish it was cultured in and then we were on our way.

Right now I’m feeling pretty peaceful, shockingly. I’ve done all I can do and it’s up to nature at this point. I don’t relish the idea of having to do another full cycle of IVF, and there’s a possibility that Mr. Oh Just Relax may not be producing any more sperm. But right now I’m good. Of course, if on August 12 I get another negative beta, I’m sure I will be feeling FAR from zen about the whole thing. But for right now?

Right now I’m good.


4 thoughts on “The eagle has landed.

  1. Sweet! You are so lucky that they let you be a little rather than sticking a catheter up you like they did during my third transfer hahaha… my husband held my hand through the whole thing as well and it meant everything 🙂 hoping hoping hoping you have great results… just make sure you don’t start testing until at least day 7!!! 🙂

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