I caved.

I bought a pack of First Response Early Result tests. Today is 6 days past my 5 day transfer. It is the gold standard of pregnancy tests.

Big. Fat. Fucking. Negative.

I know it’s still early. I know I’m not officially out until the beta on Wednesday says I’m out. But this gave me the nice kick to the face that I needed to start preparing for the news that I will be part of the 45% statistic of failed cycles at my clinic. My boobs don’t really hurt any more like they did the first few days. I think all these cramps and backaches are simply my period trying to start.

Beta is Wednesday, so I’ll test that morning just to mentally prep myself. They’ll be breaking the news to me by phone call either way, so if it’s bad, I want to have the official meltdown at home before work instead of in the middle of the office. But if it’s good, I want my husband to be there. So either way…Wednesday awaits. God I want a drink so badly.


2 thoughts on “I caved.

  1. I was told day 8 is technically the earliest to use a HPT as the body isn’t making enough hormones til then…the wait is a shit show, I know 😦 No matter what, sending you strength. ..


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