Let the embryo hunger games begin.

Had my egg retrieval yesterday morning. 12 eggs retrieved and ICSI’d and just got the call this morning that 7 fertilized overnight. Not as good as we hoped, but I’ll take it. Now the hunger games begins. I figure statistically we could end up with 2-3 embryos at the end of the next 4 days. Hardly seems worth the money and effort and pain…but I know I’ll feel differently if it works.

I’m currently sitting here with a heating pad shoved against my stomach, a position I assumed around 9AM yesterday morning and pretty much haven’t left in the last 24 hours. I thankfully asked for the day AFTER the retrieval off as well as yesterday and it’s a good thing because I guaran-damn-tee you I would not have been able to concentrate today.

The retrieval was…stressful. Also very fast. We arrived at 6:30 yesterday morning and were on our way home by 8:30. The actual retrieval happened at 7:15. The 45 minutes beforehand were all prep work. The nurse that was assigned to me was a very very sweet older lady, I’d guess in her 60’s. She was wonderful….but holy crap her hands were SHAKING. She had me sign all kinds of consent forms and paperwork and took my history. Then…she had to place the IV. She left the room for a second and I turned to my husband in a panic. “The woman with the SHAKING HANDS has to place my IV?!” He just laughed. Bastard.


Let’s get this out there. I was flat out terrified about the entire ordeal. I was shaking and kept tearing up because I was so nervous and everything was so new and unknown. I’ve never had surgery, never been under anesthesia, so I was very anxious. Before she placed the IV, sweet old nurse asked how I was feeling. I didn’t even care if I offended her, I responded with “Fucking terrified actually.”

So she places the IV needle in the back of my hand (surprisingly painless, I mentally retracted my fears about her shakiness) and goes to hook up the IV tubing. WELL. She missed it and blood just starts pouring out all over my hand and the bed. I started crying (and reinstating my previous fears), she’s frantically apologizing and gets everything connected, and tries to clean up as best she can.

I’ll skip the rest of the waiting. I remember being wheeled into the room and meeting the anesthesiologist. He kept referring to the drugs as “margarita mix” and I kept wanting to hit him. The last thing I remember is my RE and her nurse helping put my legs in the stirrups and me telling them I was getting dizzy. The next thing I know, I’m sitting back in the room I started with, my husband by my side, and sweet old nurse handing me some water. APPARENTLY I’d been in there for like 10 minutes and had had multiple conversations with people. My husband didn’t realize I was still totally out of it until I later asked where I got the water. Whoops. Another nurse came and retrieved my husband to collect his specimen. I wished him luck with his date with a cup and he gave me the finger. Love, huh?

At some point, the RE came in to chat with me about the procedure and to verify the goal of a fresh transfer. Then she mentioned that I just DID NOT want to succumb to the anesthesia. It took three bags to knock me out. After each one, she would ask “How are you doing Mrs. Oh Just Relax?” And I would just cheerily answer “Good!” I am so glad I don’t remember any of this. I also apparently reminded her MULTIPLE times to make sure to do a good job on retrieving the eggs. Drugged me has priorities, yo.

Once my husband got back from his date with a cup, they let me get dressed. We couldn’t be released until they verified that there were enough sperm in his sample to proceed. If there weren’t, his urologist was on call to perform a TESE. THANKFULLY there were enough to inject into my 12 eggs so we were released.

So here I am. Yesterday was meh. I spent most of the day on the couch with a heating pad. Every time I got up to walk around, it felt like I could feel my insides jiggling around in there. Uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Today is better and I don’t think going to work tomorrow will be an issue.

This is going to be a very very long next few days. If we do a 3 day transfer, it will be Saturday, otherwise Monday. God I just hope we get at least 2 embryos out of this. If the fresh transfer fails, I want one more shot with a frozen. Of course I really hope for more. But come on…we’ve earned at least 2 right? Until then, my ass is parked on the couch chugging gatorade and binging Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Because hell yeah.


4 thoughts on “Let the embryo hunger games begin.

  1. You have had no luck with blood collection or needles!

    I am a Gilmore girls junkie! And I have been binge watching for the last couple weeks. Started at the beginning now I’m on season 3, episode 20 currently.

    I think 12 eggs is great! And 7 fertilized sounds pretty good, too! I am the same as you, hoping we get enough for a fresh and frozen transfer. Anything more is a bonus that I will be extremely grateful for.

    Do you know how many embryos they are going to transfer?

    Enjoy the rest of your Gilmore girls relaxing day!


  2. Hi! I think it’s important to heed the RE’s advice too. I’m 31 too and was given the advice to transfer 1 only as i had no other known issues – no miscarriages etc and cos of the age factor.
    So trying with 1 first is a good idea I think? If it doesn’t work (touch wood) then I’m sure the RE will recommend other tests or transferring 2 which I think is a good idea especially if a person has issues with implantation.
    If you so happen get twins, take it as a blessing I guess?
    I mean even with 1 embryo transferred I was thought to be carrying twins. (Had high hcg levels but it’s a singleton)
    Good luck for a hatching blast!! 😊

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