We are go for launch.

I get to trigger tonight at 7:15 for an egg retrieval Wednesday morning.Yay? I don’t know. I have mixed emotions (SHOCKER, RIGHT?!).

Miss Dominant Follicle on the right finally calmed her sassy pants down and let the others grow. 12 total follicles at the moment between both ovaries that the doctor measured between 16-20mm. Not too shabby. Endo lining is at 11.5, which is apparently good (I should really learn more about this stuff). My final E2 and progesterone levels were taken this morning and I’ve been officially approved for a fresh transfer instead of a freeze all.

God I hope we get some decent embryos out of this. I’m so scared that they’ll do the TESE and will find no sperm and that I’ve gone through all of this for nothing. Think some happy, positive thoughts for me. Holy crap do I need them.

Also, even though no one I know in real life reads this, I feel like I need to preemptively apologize to everyone I encounter through tomorrow. The sheer amount of estrogen and various hormones swirling through my bloodstream is terrifying. I don’t mean to be a psychopath to you and I sincerely love you. Except for Patrick the Intern. Him? I still want to stab him with a PIO needle even without the hormones.


Number of vials of blood drawn: 17

Number of Twat Wand Sessions: 8

Number of self injections: 22


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