That’s not how you do that.

That is what I wanted to say to the new medical assistant that drew my blood this morning. Had my first blood draw appointment this morning since starting the stim medication. LUCKY ME, I got the new girl. SO F-ING LUCKY. Are you sensing the tone yet?

Now. I don’t exactly love getting my blood drawn. But it’s typically no big deal. Just a pinch and then I just sit there until it’s done. I don’t know what this poor girl did, but mother of god it HURT. I want to say it was the angle she jammed the needle in there. Immediately I thought, Ohhhh this shall suck. And then she kept moving the freaking needle around while it was in my arm. WHAT THE HELL LADY?!

The gauze and band aid they normally slap on my arm after a blood draw is usually just a formality, I rarely bleed. Oh not today my friends. Today I bled through the gauze and I’m currently sporting a fantastic bruise. I head back in on Thursday and if I see that girl coming after me, I am running.

Estradiol is at 191 after 3 nights of injections (look at me pretending to have a clue what that means), so I was told to just keep on keeping on. Same dosage, same two medications, do NOT add the ganirelix yet.

I don’t really feel too different yet. No awful side effects to tell about, just a little dizziness after injecting the Menopur along with the burning. Last night I could feel some twinges in the ovary regions, but I could be completely making that up in my head just to convince myself the medications are working. Honestly, a teeny tiny part of the pessimist in me was convinced that I would get a phone call from the doctor saying “Uh nothing is happening and you clearly fail at injecting yourself.” But nothing like that happened so I guess I’m stabbing myself correctly. Yay me! I go back Thursday morning to draw more blood and have a date with a super sexy ultrasound wand. My calendar tentatively has next Wednesday for the retrieval and I’m curious to see if it’s still looking that way after Thursday. Think happy follicle thoughts for me.


IVF #1 Running Tally:

Number of vials of blood drawn: 12

Number of Twat Wand Sessions: 5

Number of self injections: 6


6 thoughts on “That’s not how you do that.

  1. Yeah, I’ve never had that many blood tests even in the year of IVF that I’ve had. What are they testing for all the time? If they’re going to test you so much you should DEFINITELY mention to one of the supervisors that this girl hacked your arm last time and you don’t want her again!!


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