And we’re back.

Six days.

Six awesome days that my husband and I took for a much needed road trip/vacation. Didn’t think about our upcoming hell. Didn’t think about money. Didn’t think about failure. Didn’t think about the future at all, really.

Six days to just enjoy life and and each other. I always love him, but sometimes things like this just make me sit back and think, “Yup, totally married this dude for a reason.”

And now we’re back. Today is my SHG and sound and I will receive my official IVF calendar. Looking to start injections on Saturday the 14th. As in…a week from now. I feel like I’m on a sled going down a hill, gaining speed and unable to slow down. We started the whole infertility testing process in January, so intellectually I know this has been agonizingly slow. But now that we’re in it? I’m so woefully unprepared for this, it’s not even funny.

In other news, Sunday is Mother’s Day (also known as stay the fuck off Facebook day) and today one of my best friends had her 3rd baby. Can I just fast forward through life and find out how this situation ends? I’m barely holding my shit together on a daily basis these days.

I just keep telling myself, at least you had those six days. If/when everything goes to shit, I plan on remembering just how happy and (nearly) carefree this vacation was.

I love us. And maybe that can be enough.


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